Jim Shelly

You can now visit Fire Works Pottery studio and showroom on Hurricane Creek Road three miles from Joseph, Oregon. During the summer the gallery will be open Thursday through Sunday when possible. Call 541 432-0445 to check or to make other arrangements. Click here for directions.

About Us..

In 1995, after a long interlude of child rearing and running restaurants, Jim and Anne returned to their earlier passions for the arts. It was then they established Fire Works Pottery in a barn behind their home in Eagle. Idaho. They moved their lives and business to the Wallowa Mountains near the community of Joseph, Oregon in 2004, reestablishing their studio and kiln in the green quiet forests next to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

The Shellys draw inspiration for their designs from the natural world around them, from their garden, and from a desire to unite elegant form with function. What has emerged is a style which resonates with the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century, while at the same time blending with a contemporary lifestyle.

Anne Shelly

Each piece is individually formed from slabs of white stoneware clay or thrown on the potters’ wheel. Thrown pieces are carved and shaped while still damp, and vine-like handles and embellishments unique to each one are created and applied. The ware is dried slowly and then “bisque fired” (to chemically drive out all moisture) in an electric kiln. The Shellys mix their own high-fire glazes (glassy colorants), and apply them by carefully painting contrasting elements, coating these with wax resist and then dipping the whole in the principle glaze color. They fire this work to 2300 degrees F. in a large propane car-kiln that Jim built next to the studio.

The whole process takes 3-6 weeks. They lose a number of pieces to cracking, warping, breakage and glaze faults. The pieces that meet their standards of beauty and function are those Anne and Jim present to you in their galleries, art shows and web site.


From Enterprise: Just before you leave Enterprise heading towards Joseph on South River St. (Rt. 82), turn right on Hurricane Creek Rd. a little beyond the Dollar Stretcher Market. Go 5.1 miles until you see a big red barn on the right. Here the road splits, the pavement curving left past a white Grange Hall, while Hurricane Creek Road continues straight and turns to gravel. Go straight on Hurricane Creek for 1.3 miles. Fire Works Pottery is on the right just beyond some old log cabins.

From Joseph: In Joseph, take West Wallowa Avenue (the Cheyenne Café is on that corner) towards the mountains for 2.2 miles. Just beyond the white Hurricane Creek Grange hall, take a left up Hurricane Creek Rd. which turns to gravel. Go 1.3 miles. Fire Works Pottery is on the right beyond two old log miners' cabins